Corporate Gifts

Everyone who is less or more a part of Corporate culture knows and understands the value of Corporate gifts very well. These gifts are a medium to build a relation and touch of personification with keeping the official values.

Corporate Gifts for Co Workers

We offer a range of corporate gifts which are best for every occasions. We’re now 100% focusing on providing customized solutions to our customers. Do give us a chance of serving you with our delicacy of options varying to cover every type of gifting scenario whether in office or warehouse.

Co Workers plays very important part in all our lives without much knowledge of ours. We rely on our colleagues at different stages of lives and hence its important for all of us.

You know a Gifting stylist resides within you when nobody remarks your splendid taste for gifting. A day well spent on shopping is something that cheer you up always and every time. Admit it or not, you are the one among your family and friends who decides on what to wear and which color suits the best.

Find out if gifting has always been first on your chart.

Castor Oil Gift Set

Offered by Mason and Market Inc. this gift set is full with goodness of Castor Oil benefits. This is one of the most powerful oil to treat many ailments. This could be probably the best gift for your loved ones.

1. Grammatical mistake has never bothered you as much as a wrong pronunciation of the name of a luxury brand does.

What did you just say? Aww-di?

2. Your bae can never say no to your choice especially when the party is hosted by you.

Its either the pink bunny or no bunny at all!

3. “Comfort or fashion?” is something beyond your understanding. In fact, pulling off the new look is what makes you more comfortable.

Let there be fashion!

4. Believe it or not, you have never been more straightforward.

“Can I be very honest with you? It doesn’t look good on you.”

5. Sometimes you do judge a person on the basis of their clothing.

“What was she even thinking?”

6. Be it a normal day-out or a big fat party, you are always in your best.

Oh yeah!

7. You have to have an ample of options put before you in order to pick the perfect modish collection.

Ah! Seems like every shop in the city has run out of style

8. You have an own genre picked out for movies and TV series and that is “Fashion”

That’s all!

9. You see yourself as a confident and bold personality while looking in the mirror.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the stylish of them all…

10. And the most obvious one, you are never satisfied no matter how full your closet is.

Clothes and clothes everywhere but not a single one to swag

Customer Testimonials

Mason & Market made it so easy for me to shop for my dad for Father’s Day! They were able to customize my gift based on my dad’s interests and he absolutely loved it!


My manager and friends were overjoyed by the personal and thoughtful touch of these curated gifts. I highly recommend.


The box arrived beautifully packaged and was a super thoughtful gift!


I loved every detail of Mason & Market’s gift box. This company has thought of it all.


My favorite touch is the handwritten card with my personal message! I love getting a call or text from a friend after, telling me how much they appreciated their box. 


The packaging is really modern and I especially love the collection of men’s gift boxes. Will definitely be my go-to for gifting!


This all should be enough to justify the surprising amazing benefits of our products and gifting range. Do fill this form now and someone from our customer care would be in touch with you shortly.